Lindsborg Wavemaker Swim Team Information - 2018

Head Coach

Baylee Kampfe

Amy Robinson, Mary Voigt, Alexa Reed, Kylie Lofdahl, Kendall Banning, Gretchen Elliot, Melissa Brumbaugh and other assistants.

Practice times

After school ends, but before pool opens: Thursday May 24 and Friday May 25, at 1 and 2 PM.
Starting Memorial Day, Monday thru Friday: Two practices: 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM
When swimming lessons start on June 18, practices will be at 8 and 9

All swimmers should arrive 10 minutes early for stretching. Those in the first practice will be expected to help with equipment set-up; those in the last with put-up.

Puddle Jumpers

For those who can not yet swim the 25 yard length of the pool but are comfortable with their heads in the water, and in water over their heads, we offer a two-week program of preparation for swim team. Puddle jumpers meet at the second swim practice session, and have until June 15 to "pass" into Wavemakers. Those who don't will be asked to come try again next summer; meanwhile, swimming lessons are available at the pool for further instruction.

We swim in the Mid-Kansas Swim League with:

Council Grove

2018 Meet Schedule

2 June 2018at Hesston against Abilene & Council Grove
 Council Grove120
 individual results here
9 June 2018home against Hesston, Peabody and Marion 
 individual results here
16 June 2018at Hesston against Hillsboro and Solomon 
 individual results here 
23 June 2018at Abilene against Solomon
 individual results here 
30 June 2018home against Solomon and Hillsboro
 individual results here 
7 July 2018League at Hillsboro 
 We placed third.
 Combined Team Scores 
1. Hesston Wahoos             1010.5
2. Hillsboro Swim Team         995
3. Lindsborg WaveMakers        663.5
4. Peabody Super Swimmers      610
5. Abilene Wave Runners        403
6. Herington Whalers           229
7. Council Grove Swim Club     148
8. Solomon Swim Team           112
9. Marion Swim Team             82
 individual results here 

Meet commitments due Tuesdays before each meet, except League meet commitments due earlier.

Awards Banquet and pool party for swimmers and families: Sunday July 8, 2018, 5:30 at park near pool. Pot luck, bring your own table service. Pool party immediately follows.

League Rules and Stroke Definitions For all swimmers age 12 and under, 4 individual entries are permitted, as well as two relays. 13 and 14-year olds are permitted 5 individual entries, as well as 2 relays. Unlimited entries for age 15 and older. 200 free events may be held for ages 14 and under, and 15-18. Entries in the 200 do not count towards the limit of four or five individual entry limits.