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Refund and Service Upgrade Policy
Kansas Data, Inc.

Refund policy -- All physical merchandise returned in unopened resaleable undamaged condition may be returned within 15 days of purchase for a full refund less 20% restocking fee. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable.

Cash refunds will only be made by company check after any previous client remitted checks have cleared the bank. Credit card refunds will only be credited back to the original credit card account upon which the purchase was originally charged.

Service Plan Upgrade Policy -- customers who wish to upgrade service to a higher level plan may do so at any time during the current calendar month without penalty.

Service Plan Downgrade Policy -- customers who wish to downgrade to a lower cost plan may do so effective the 1st of the next calendar month, provided that any contractual commitment at the higher rate plan has been satisfied. Dial-up users are obligated for an initial six month commitment at a minimum rate equal to or greater than the plan they selected on the executed written or affirmed verbal contract (if written verification is not subsequently received)

Service Plan Prepayment Discount Policy -- customers in good standing (account balance current) may receive a discount for cash prepayment of any regular plan as follows: prepayment of $100 or more yields a 2-1/2 % credit on account while prepayment of $250 or more entitles the customer to a 5% prepayment credit. Prepayments which receive a cash discount are NOT refundable nor are the subsequently generated discount credits. Prepayment of services expected to cover more than 6 months service must be made via cash, check, money order or PayPal. Credit cards only accepted on service prepayments covering less than a six month period

Web Hosting Prepayment Discount Policy -- customers who elect to take advantage of KASIMail's significant annual and semiannual web hosting prepayment discount plans are not eligible to receive a later refund for any reason whatsoever (except for extended service disruptions) including subsequent loss of domain name or customer's cessation of the web site. The entire value of the annual and/or semiannual pricing structure is represented by the discount received for cash prepayment. Forms of prepayment qualifying for this cash discount are cash, personal or company check (must be drawn on good USD funds and clear bank), postal money order, cashier's check, wired funds, and PayPal. Credit cards are NOT acceptable forms of payment on semi-annual and annual web hosting cash prepayment plans. The discount is a cash discount and does not apply to credit instruments such as credit cards.

Miscellaneous -- Domain registration fees are NOT refundable under any circumstances. Opened software and/or custom equipment orders are NOT returnable. Services contracted for and/or already delivered are not refundable except for clear breach of contract or gross negligence. Kansas Data, Inc. is under no obligation to refund fees assessed for contracted services available to but not used by the client due to problems such as crashed or improperly configured client computer equipment.

These policies are effective as of the 24th of September, 2002.

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